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Maroke Outdoor Kids

Adult Soft Shell Waterproof Mittens

Adult Soft Shell Waterproof Mittens

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These Soft Shell Mittens are fashionable and a simple style of rain mitten, featuring a glove with a long cuff to keep out rain and snow, adjustable wrist to keep those mitten up. The seams are sealed for waterproofness.


The wood is sourced ethically from Quebec Ontario

Product Care Guide

Keep wood away from chlorine from pools or spas, because soaps will diminish the way the wood absorbs acid from the body

Benefits and Features

Our collection currently features beautiful hazelwood necklaces, known for their natural soothing properties and gentle touch on delicate skin. Each necklace or anklet is crafted with care, providing both a charming accessory and potential relief for teething discomfort.

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