Our Commitment

-We firmly believe in our responsibility to minimize our impact on the planet and cherish the natural world we adore.

-We couldn’t build our company and culture around inspiring kids to embrace the outdoors without taking appropriate steps to protect the environment we hold dear.

-Our journey began in 2019 when we set out to write our story. In March of that year, we proudly introduced our product line made from recycled plastic, a significant milestone for us.

-One of our major goals was to utilize fabric made from recycled plastic across our entire product line. Every single garment is now crafted using 100% Recycled rPET Fabric. This innovative process involves crushing and melting used plastic products, such as water bottles, before spinning them into new fibers to create fabric. By doing so, we effectively reduce plastic waste and employ an energy-efficient production method, consuming less energy than even wool production.
For every meter of material used in manufacturing our mittens, 16 post – consumer plastic bottles were diverted from the waste system.

-We are committed to providing you with highly efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly options. Our other major goal was to introduce recycled fabrics that offer non-fluorinated, long-lasting water repellent finishes for high-performance textiles.

-We’re proud to share that our fabrics will be BIONIC FINISH®ECO is Bluesign certified, and it complies with most Restricted Substance Lists.

-By embracing these fundamental practices, we wholeheartedly commit to transforming the impact our company has on our planet, our children, and future generations. We firmly believe that we can all do better, and as a company, we hold ourselves accountable.

Rain Gear safe for any Environment:

At Maroke our rain gear is made with sustainable and biodegradable coatings to keep you and the environment safe. Our rain gear offers you the versatility of comfort and protection against all kinds of weather.

 (g/m2-24hrs),   W.P.R. over 10,000


(g/m2-24hrs) Actively- 10000 Air Flow


  • PVC and Phthalate free

  • OKEO TEX 100 Certified

Coming Soon:

Maroke Outdoor Merino Wool Base Layer Mitten and Rain Pants for Outdoor Kids who don’t want weather to get in the
way of their outdoor adventures.