Maroke is Owned and operated by Patricia Thompson, located on Georgian Bay. As a child I was an adventurous child who loved being outdoors and exploring in Nature. As a Mother seeing my daughter enjoying the outdoors is so inspiring.
As a mother seeing my daughters soaking wet mittens, I knew this was my problem to solve. So that is when my adventure started....
 -Patricia Thompson, Maroke Outdoor Founder/CEO
The Company and Products
Originating in Canada, Maroke Outdoor is a company committed to creating highly functional outdoor gear specifically for kids. Our aim is to make products so versatile that they can be worn for a multitude of outdoor adventures - whether it is splashing in muddy puddles on a rainy day, or playing outside on snowy days.
We put sustainability at the forefront of the brand - since the start we have made all Marokes products have been made from 100% rPET Recycled Polyester.
We are passionate about inspiring children to become advocates for the natural world. Through our products, we hope to ignite their curiosity and encourage them to explore the outdoors with a sense of wonder. By fostering a love for nature at a young age, we believe we can shape a generation that will actively work towards protecting and preserving our planet for future generations.